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j/k bros.

We're taking a break for June to reunite with our skimboarding team and skim the entire coast of Antarctica.

Actually, we're both writing books and getting famous.

Actually, we're both writing books.

National Write A Novel Month is in November, but we decided to try June this year.

I'm writing a best-seller about a boy wizard who goes to school and finds out his boyfriend is a vampire with a dragon tattoo.

Pat's writing a touching memoir about what it's like to be a lonely young cross-dresser with no friends, but to still have a dog who loves licking peanut butter. And wherever Pat smears that peanut butter—well—that's something I wouldn't want to spoil for you.

In the meantime, enjoy this educational video that taught me a lot about life.



kendra said...

I dearly, dearly hope that you are actually going to write that book. I mean, a different subject would be cool, too, but. You know.

P.S. let me read it.

P.P.S. I could have gone my ENTIRE LIFE without seeing that breastfeeding video ever again.

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