How Oatmeal Chewy Chips Ahoy Ruined My Night: An Open Letter To Nabisco

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Now, let me just say that I love Chips Ahoy and that they are by far my favorite brand of cookie. I'm not going to go into details because my letter explains it all, but this past weekend I underwent an experience in which I felt both betrayed and disappointed. I've forwarded my thoughts to Nabisco, and if I end up hearing back I will definitely post the results.

I can only hope that nobody else makes the same mistake I did!

To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to begin this letter by expressing my utmost gratitude for the years of joy and deliciousness your products have provided me. Ever since I was a young chap I have always been delighted when Chewy Chips Ahoy were brought into my home, and the mere sight of the familiar red box has always been enough to tickle my kickers. Even now, Chewy Chips Ahoy are generally my go-to cookie when I am in the mood for a delicious, soft, chocolatey treat.

While shopping for ice cream the other day (I was part of a team which was working effortlessly to put together an ice cream social which ended up rather smashing if I do say so myself), a shortcut through the cookie aisle led me to your products once more. Without thinking twice I reached for the familiar red box and placed it among my other soon-to-be purchases. I knew that the attendees of the ice cream social would delight in them, and, feeling a bit greedy myself, I purchased a second box for my own use.

The next night I poured myself a nice glass of milk and tore open the package of cookies, ready to have a scrumptious snack before bed. It was not until the cookie was inserted into my mouth and my jaw had already clamped down on it that I realized I had made a fatal mistake.

"NO," I would have cried if my mouth was not full of chocolate and oats.

I swallowed with the help of the milk, and before I could possibly venture to try another cookie, I scrutinized the package in an attempt to discover where I had erred. I had been buying these cookies for years, and it appeared that my complacency and the comfort I had established with your products led to my over-confidence and trust that I would not have to scrutinize the package to make sure I was purchasing the correct snacks. At a quick glance, there is no noticeable difference.

After asking around it has appeared that I am not the first one who has been befallen by this tragedy; many of my peers have made this same wrong purchase in the past, misled by this slight change in packaging. This error not only ruined the end of my night but has left me disgruntled; this package of cookies now sits upon my shelf, watching me, wondering why I have yet to open it again or sample its contents. It does not understand that its oats interrupt the perfect chemistry between the dough and the chocolate: the combination which has left me satisfied for nearly two decades.

It will never understand.

The situation was worsened by my inability to return the package due to my opening of it before I could notice the slight change in design, and I am not only out a box of cookies, but the two dollars and fifty cents I had forked over to the Walmart cashier for them.

It is because of this that I turn to you, Nabisco. As a faithful fan for years, this is not only a plea, but a warning to those who have not yet made the mistake of purchasing the wrong cookies. The ball is now in your court and I await a response from your website's feedback system. I pray that our relationship may continue in an amicable fashion.

Thank you very much for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon!

P.S. Your new American Summer cookies are an absolute DELIGHT! Please continue to manufacture them far after the Summer has ended. Forever, if possible. My fate would have been avoided had I just gone with these again instead.


Anonymous said...

That sucks man, I hope you find justice

Anonymous said...

haha that'll show 'em.

Anonymous said...

Scrumptious post

Anonymous said...

This is why I love FFD

Anonymous said...

You have to post Nabisco's response! Make it a Part 2 to this!

Pat! said...

They still didn't respond. I'll send it to them again soon if they don't.

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